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Fish is getting scarce in the wild

The world is ready for a protein shift

We are a Swedish company specialised in land based aquaculture linked to horticulture and agriculture

Swedish with Nordic sense for quality and perfection. But we farm African clarias and we have worked with fish in ten countries in Southeast Asia as well as with fish and horticulture in the Middle East and Africa. Yes we do have a lot of experience and opinions on how to feed the world. 

Pond helps you plan, build, run
and monitor your aquaculture system

Aquaculture has been the fastest growing food sector since at least 40 years. This is partly good as we need to use the natural stocks with great care. The problem is that a great portion of aquaculture world wide use to much fossil energy, contaminate the streams, lakes and seas with nutrients and feed the farmed fish with fish that could be eaten by humans, pelicans, seals or gannets.


Pond services perform on top in terms of sustainability and care for nature and humans. Read more about and our methods and find out that aquaculture is for all contexts. Urban a well as rural. Its time to recognize large units as well as smaller.


We are happy to plan, build and run your landbased aquaculture and your greenhouses. But we will also be thrilled if you come and visit us to join a workshop in our fantastic food studio to learn more about the fish that makes a better future!


Pond projects place

landbased fish beyond organic

Pond Fish and Greens cooperate with leading universities and companies in several countries. And we strongly dedicated in bringing the world smarter models for producing fish and greens with minimal negative impact on climate and environment. Se believe that large scale and small scale should live together, but our main focus is small scale high class units supporting local municipalities, people and surrounding ecosystems. Give the oceans a break – go landbased with Pond!

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